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 that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest

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that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest Empty
PostSubject: that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest   that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest Icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 3:37 pm

so i made it to G-Rank on the solo port, and im thinking well if i did this then i should be able to get here in the village. so after gearing back up and prepping i head off to the tripple threat and lo and behold i still get destroyed, usually dying atleast once before ive even finnished off the ivory. i know these beast all do G-Rank damage but do they have G-Rank HP as well? even with thier HP being lowered by there being 3 of them they still seem to be taking WAY too long to die.

so i figure maybe i need some G-Rank armor / weapons. well even the solo port G-Rank is destroying me. im making it through quest but BARELY and im not even close to fighing the beast that give me the parts i need for the upgrades im aiming for.

so any advice would be appreciated. right now im using HR Barioth armor and an upgraded Dios Tail hammer.
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that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest Empty
PostSubject: Re: that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest   that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 7:33 pm

First off try and get focus, evasion, and handicraft on a set. Keep in mind that one of the problems with the second half of the fight comes from wind pressure and roars so either get armor skills to help (LG ear plugs are able to fit with the aforementioned skills) or change shaka dances to help with those two issues. Armor tier matters little as long as your willing to mine the armor spheres. As far as weapon, hammer needs to be a G rank or close to it as they are G rank monsters with reduced HP.

Next is go into the fight ready to take out I. Lagi and Brachy. Bring traps and every healing item you can along with the components to make more. Bring a far caster and mega dash juice as you will need a failsafe and run around without worrying about stam.

As stupid as is sounds the goal is to kill I. Lagi as fast as you can (just don't get greedy) so that when Azure and Brachy come in you can play "monkey in the middle". I was able to get past it by positioning myself where Azure was between me and Brachy and Brachy made him all squishy. Stay mobile and get in a shot when you can, look for when 1 or both monsters are tired and capitalize. Do what you can but seriously until Brachy kills Azure look at it as the highest stakes game of tag you have ever played. Keep in mind that once they start fighting each other they will disengage eventually so always place yourself where the are hitting each other.

Using this method I capped I. Lagi around 8min into the hunt (I use GL) and ran around like a headless chicken till Azure died around 15min later. Brachy fell down around 5min after that. But that's just the way I did it, I am not leet enough to take on both G rank Dios and Los in the same room with no assist.
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that mother (censored) mark of a hero quest
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