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Re-Introduction.... Empty

I think it's been a while since some of the longer stayed members of the forum have actually introduced themselves so I was thinking that it would be nice for those of us who have been here for a while for each other and the newer members to say hi and Introduce ourselves once more... So to welcome the new members and to get to know them and ourselves once more lets all say HI!!!



I'm dcj91x.. I've been a member of the forum for many years. I have actually been posting on here and the wiki since it started as a Guest originally then later on as a forum member.. Like many of the vetran members I've been with the MH series from the begining. I actually first played MH while in Korea with a Japan copy of the first game before it was released in the west.. then picked up a US copy once I moved back state side. I try to play a little on MH3U every week at least and wish I had more time to play daily... Even though I may not play daily I do keep up with all the latest news and try to report it here and have some interesting sources ;)
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Re-Introduction.... :: Comments

Oni Zelkami
Re: Re-Introduction....
Post on Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:45 pm by Oni Zelkami
Hi, I'm Oni Zelkami. I like Hot dogs, and long post farms on the beach.
Re: Re-Introduction....
Post on Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:12 pm by PAiN---
Hi there,

I'm PAiN (or Tyler, I don't mind going by my first name). I never introduced myself when i first joined, so here I go. I'm a vet, I've played Monster Hunter since the release on Playstation 2. I'm always down to hunt with fellow forumers, add me in game or PM on here and we can set a time and date. For those that don't know, I record videos and post them on here sometimes. My favorite weapon is GS, but I rarely use it endgame. You will usually see me gunning or using DB's.
Re: Re-Introduction....
Post on Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:29 am by Guest
Let the hunt commence friends!

Welcome to the Vorterritory, I am your guide, Vortiene. I have gone by many names in the past 3 years, such as Vorgasm, Vortysnort, Vortex, Vortalicious, and more. The first thing you should know about me is that you shouldn't take half the things I say seriously, especially on the forum chat. Speaking of the forum chat, go on there NAO!!!! It's at the bottom of the main homepage and it's where you will forge empires with us!!! I will give you a vortname, one of my famous nicknames. TONIGHT WE DANCE THE DANCE OF LAIF, but only if you join it. I've played MH3 and MH3U, wouldn't call myself a super duper awesome player but I am good at avoiding carting compared to what I have seen of other members /nerv/. BTW, I made these emoticons /nerv/ /pokr/ /sly/ /eyes/ /dev/ /rock/ /slp/ /o_o/ /-_-/ /lol/ etc. lemme know if you like them /wink/ 
Stuff I've done before on the forum is put together a sound effects pack for windows effects with monster hunter sounds, make the GIF banner of the forum, write a 100 or so page fanfic related to monster hunter (that wasn't finished../spark/ ), and made a couple of fun topics like the sharing music thread (read the rulesssss) or the joke picture thread. I am studying computer engineering, however I write music/do photoshop/make videos on my computer in spare time so sometimes I will share some of the stuff I made on the chat. I LOVE SHARING STUFF. So please share stuff with me /yes/ 
I am a big anime fan (as you can see below and to the left), so if you want some to watch click on my signature and you can see what I have watched and what I liked most Yes by vort

above all, VORTIENE APPROVED™️!!!
Oni Zelkami
Re: Re-Introduction....
Post on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:43 am by Oni Zelkami
Vortiene wrote:
write a 100 or so page fanfic related to monster hunter (that wasn't finished../spark/ )

I was going to ask why you stopped. Even though me and you are the only ones from the AB that still show up, I still would have read it.
Re: Re-Introduction....
Post on Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:52 pm by Gilgames
Hi, I'm Gilgames. I joined the forums after being a guest for some months. I've played mh3 and mh3u and don't consider myself a skilled hunter but i really enjoy playing these games. I can always help you out if you can't beat a certain monster, need to know how to get part x or ore y, etc.
Re: Re-Introduction....
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