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 Some hilarious Dark Souls 2 news

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PostSome hilarious Dark Souls 2 news

I love all these changes, especially the one about dying while being hollow lowering your max health. In demon's souls it was a notable disadvantage to be be hollow, in dark souls it was mind boggling to see that being hollow had become an advantage in that it stopped invaders, and since you could just turn human if you needed to summon people it was kind of a crutch. Luckily, now you can be invaded while hollow and dying while hollow punishes you. I also love the timer on white phantoms because fuck gankers.
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Some hilarious Dark Souls 2 news :: Comments

Re: Some hilarious Dark Souls 2 news
Post on Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:47 am by Guest
sounds gewd

i hope there is a more omnipresent soundtrack, i didnt like having just boss music

Some hilarious Dark Souls 2 news

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