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 Vita slim .......

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PostVita slim .......

So.. the Vita slim is official for the US and EU areas and is getting a Boarderlands 2 bundle for $199.99...

It will be lainching in a few more colours than the original vita and will have 4gb of internal storage which is great meaning you wont have to have a memory card just to play the system as was requiered with the original vita.. however.. I would still suggest skipping this version and getting the original one..

Why you ask? Well the Slim drops the main selling point of the original VITA!!! The OLED screen! Yup you heard that right. The Slim goes with a regular LCD screen in place of the higher quality OLED screen.. Weather you can tell a difference or not.. well that's up to you..

both still run about the same price and of course play the same games but the slim come in more colors and the regular has the oled..
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Vita slim .......

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