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 Dual Blades - Slots vs Power

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PostSubject: Dual Blades - Slots vs Power   Dual Blades -  Slots vs Power Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2014 2:00 pm

Hyello! I've pretty much hit endgame in MH3U now, and have a host of excellent charms available to me - as such, I think it's time to begin work on the ultimate dual blade armor set. At the moment, I can achieve HG Earplugs, Element Attack Up, Sharpness+1 and Critical Eye+1 without using any weapon slots, which I'm pretty chuffed about.

Now, my current set is HG Earplugs, Sharpness+1 and Critical Eye+3, so I'm pretty sure the aforementioned set would win out in terms of damage in most cases. The exception of course is the Nero's Wrath, which, due to its high power and low element, would likely lose power due to the loss of critical eye. Now, the obvious solution would be to use the bug/ancient dual swords instead and, due to their slots, I could achieve Critical Eye+2 on those weapons as well, which is pretty awesome. The thing is, Nero's Wrath has a base 10% affinity anyway, and is the only weapon of the three to achieve purple sharpness.

So with the set I mentioned in the first paragraph, what weapon would best fit the set? The Nero's Wrath because of its brute power, sharpness and affinity? The bug duals for their balance of element and raw? Or the ancient duals for their excellent use of element attack up?

(Note: I could also substitute Critical Eye+1/2 for Attack Up S/M, but since these are all endgame weapons, I assume Critical Eye would give me more damage)
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Dual Blades - Slots vs Power
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