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 This is me!~ <3

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This is me!~ <3 Empty
PostThis is me!~ <3

Hello everyone~ Phen-phen here. I just came by to post and introduce myself. I've been thought to be a "Nooby" on the forums from some people, just cause this profile is new, but in reality is, I'm actually a moderate hunter. Yeah, I dont do HR much, but thats why I joined the forums. To get better and find more interesting people to hunt with. Currently I have a few who are helping me play online on MH4U and those people know who they are. Also, some things about me;

I'm a fun gal to be around, I do have a slight "Sailor's tongue" and will swear and cuss a little(Lot). Also, single and lesbi ;D, lol, just thought I'd put that in there. When I'm playing Mh4U, I usually tend to use a multitude of weapons, form the GS, to the LS, to even a bow sometimes. I switch back and forth when I see a weapon I like. I'm also a master of the LS, Bow, SA, CB, and LBG. I am a mistress of multiple faces, as some have said. Seeing as I could be happy one second, then pissed or hyper the next, theres just no way to predict what im thinking or how I'm feeling~ <3

Also, when it comes to armor, for looks, I say that the Kirin set is the best looking. I just love the helm aswell as the color schemes, they just look so good to me.
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This is me!~ <3 :: Comments

Re: This is me!~ <3
Post on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:41 pm by E&Troy
Hi and welcome to the forums!

Since you are looking for more people to hunt with, you've come to the right place (Maybe)! We have plenty of people here who all love playing MH4U with other forum users, so you should be able to play with others and get better along the way often enough.
Sadly, I'm not one of the ones that plays with others as I can rarely get online on my 3DS. So you probably won't be playing with me (At least, not in the near future.).  I will, however, be on the forum a fair bit so you may get replies from me in future topics (Or current ones.).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Even if you think your question is a noob question, don't hesitate to ask. We won't judge (At least, I won't. Maybe...  devil  ).
Re: This is me!~ <3
Post on Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:43 am by Crystalis
Whenever I'm on the chatbox, I'm probably available to hunt (and if not, I'm likely in class and bored), so feel free to hit me up most anytime.
Re: This is me!~ <3
Post on Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:42 pm by Firpi
Welcome to our community. Stay awhile, hunt forever!!!! Hope to see you around sometime.
Re: This is me!~ <3
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This is me!~ <3

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