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 Ken Kurobasa Let's Play!

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Ken Kurobasa
Ken Kurobasa

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PostKen Kurobasa Let's Play!

As the title says, I'm doing let's plays. Only got one video up, but with time and experience, I hope to produce far better videos in time.

You can find my channel here:

The channel will be improved in time, like everything else. That being said, for now the commentary is strictly a caption style (though it does generally go by quickly, so while you'd have to pause, I hope it doesn't distract) because of the situation of my life at the moment that makes talking...difficult.
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Ken Kurobasa Let's Play! :: Comments

Re: Ken Kurobasa Let's Play!
Post on Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:22 pm by MetaMarx
Okay so I saw the first video

1st problem: you're LPing an RPG. RPGs are really boring to watch. You're going to have to do some heavy editing to make sure your audience doesn't get bored. We already saw a pidgey and ratata, so don't leave in the second or third fights with them. If you're going back and forth between two cities, cut out the travel time. We've already seen the route between Pallet and Viridian, so we don't need to see it again.

2nd problem: your commentary. Subtitle LPs are fine, but your subtitles go by way too fast. Instead of giving use big blocks of red right away, cut up the text and give it to us one after the other. This way the amount of time the subtitles stay on the screen makes sense and it obstructs less of the game.
Example: "In the original Japanese Game Boy game-" "this man was drunk instead of grouchy."

Ken Kurobasa
Re: Ken Kurobasa Let's Play!
Post on Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:28 pm by Ken Kurobasa
Nevermind, I'm going to wait a bit and test a few things out.
Re: Ken Kurobasa Let's Play!
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Ken Kurobasa Let's Play!

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