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Any other MHWF users throw their time and money into the glorious pit that is MTG? Scared by vort

I actually only really play EDH, there has been a regular group that meets at a local game store near me weekly for years and I've floated in and out of it.  Currently I'm back into it and loving MTG again, especially with the latest Un-set dropping earlier this month. SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun to draft <3

If there are other Magic players here, let's chat about the game.  How much do you hate U?  Which Commander is reigns supreme?  How much do you hate that one guy's Krenko deck?

My EDH main-squeeze has always been Heliod-senpai, I started getting into the game just as Theros block ended and Khans was about to drop and something just drew me to the card.  I've had a devoted fetish to mono-white and enchantments ever since.  Some of the other Commanders I run on a regular basis are Balan, Siguarda (Heron's Grace[human tribal baby!]), Surrak Dragonclaw, Phenax, and Marath.
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Re: Magic the Gathering
Post on Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:11 pm by Sephastus
I tried the online version to see if I could get into MTG (being that I fell victim to Yu-Gi-Oh a long time ago), but it was way too involved for me to get into it simply without anyone to hold my hand.

I spent a few $$$ getting my other TCG up to par when it was still recent. Stopped after about the 10th expansion... forgot about it for a decade. Happy ending: Made ALL my money back, and then some selling some, and gave away rest to a family member.

Magic the Gathering

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