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 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

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BT Esq
BT Esq

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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Empty
PostAce Combat: Assault Horizon

Anybody else played any of the games in this series... I've played 4, 5, zero and 6... can't wait for this next one to come out on Oct. 11!

If you have not played any of these... start with 4 and definitely play 5... the stories are amazing, the graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is easy to learn, but still intense. Great games all around, even if they seem to be nothing more than extensions of one another (not much variation between them) - but if it works, why change anything.
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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon :: Comments

Re: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Post on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:58 pm by Kurtz
Friend of mine can't stop talking about it XD I might just get this game
Re: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Post on Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:18 am by Chips
Movin to Non-MH games ;)
BT Esq
Re: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Post on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:43 am by BT Esq
@Chips wrote:
Movin to Non-MH games ;)
BT Esq
Re: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Post on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:36 pm by BT Esq
Picked this up yesterday... and started the campaign on the hardest difficulty, which may have been a mistake. I can't rember how many missions into it I am, but so far it's a decent game.

Here's a review:

- Awesome graphics:
The planes look awesome and in addition, you get to play in real world locations and the buildings and landscape are pretty spot on, which adds a little to the "cool" factor in my book.

- Intense gameplay:
The new Dog Fight Mode (DFM) really kicks up the feeling of intensity of pursuing targets in a furball - tailing a bandit at close range while the plane "autopilots" you in and around buildings, mountains, canyons and other terrain obstacles is pretty intense and really makes you feel like an ace pilot racking up kills. And for those of you old enough to have watched Top Gun, the tribute reversal move is total WIN.

- Good selection of aircraft:
Raptors, Tomcats and Migs... oh my! Nuff said.

- Lackluster story:
If you have played the previous Ace Combat titles, you will know that the stories all have well developed characters and a dramatic storyline that keeps pressure building like a beer after a bowl of chili with beans. Thus far, Assault Horizon has been a little weak on characters and storyline. The story feels a bit generic and without characters to draw you in and make you care about what happens, it feels a little flat.

- Awkward controls:
Not a huge deal, but you end up using the triggers and shoulder buttons quite a bit and oftentimes at the "same" time, which can be a bit tricky. Any PSP MH vet should not have much of a problem (given the wacky camera controls in the PSP MH games), but for those non-uber-gamers out there, multiple hours of gameplay may lead to some nasty hand cramps.

- Lack of on-the-fly saves:
Pun totally intended. One of the frustrating parts of this game is that while it checkpoints you at reasonable intervals to respawn if you die, it does not save your progress unless you complete an entire mission. At my skill level, which I consider to be above average, on the hardest difficulty level, it is taking roughly an hour to complete each level, which can be somewhat annoying if you don't have a chunk of time to commit to the game.

If you like flight sims, the pros probably outweigh the cons. If you are borderline on this type of game, I'd rent it first or wait for a price drop. In any event, it's a nice way to bide the time till Skyrim and MW3 come out. I'd give it a solid 7/10 overall.

EDIT: Finished the game yesterday - what a lackluster, anticlimactic ending... -1 point for lameness.

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Sir Valk
Re: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Post on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:27 pm by Sir Valk
I played 5... that game was epic. My jaw droped when I saw the graphics in it... for a PS2 game it is wonderful. The controls are lovely, although I still use the novice style xD! The plane selection is great, but it could of used some more diverse jets... in the end (even with the RZ colors) the planes get a bit bland.

The story itself was above and beyond anything and everything I expected from a flight sim. game! The characters all have such unique personalities, and they sure use em' in the story.

Overall, I think this game was one of best overall for PS2.
Re: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

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