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New MMO coming in the next few months (sorta-open beta starting soon), I already got a spot in the upcoming beta weekends (can get by pre-ordering or playing an online game) and cant wait!

its a dark MMO about how all myths and legends are true. the boogyman, vampires, swamp monsters, egyptian curses, everything! set in the modern world, it's ruled by 3 factions (templars, dragons, illuminati). these factions work together in PvE (but cant be in the same guild) and face off in PvP! each has their own culture and reason for fighting the darkness. i personally prefer the illuminati, cuz theyre awesome and know how to party ;P

its big point is that it has no levels. but you still gain exp to get points to get skills. but there are no classes, either, so anyone can get every skill (but it would take forever lol, over 500 skills)! clothes are just fashion, and stats come from charkras or something, not armor.

i've been following its forums for a while (its been in productions for years!) and it has a pretty mature and cool community. one of my favorite things about it is how they do these ARG's (alternate reality game) which makes you like solve riddles as a community and stuff, like the game was real life. this will be implimented in the game, too! so like during a quest you might have to pull up google to research some guy, and it'll come up with some site made by the game developers!

anyways, i just thought it was cool, and cant wait to try it! i was thinking some of you would enjoy trying it out :P

screenshots and video:
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Re: The Secret World
Post on Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:21 am by Jg
Looks interesting might be worth a try.

The Secret World

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