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 Resident Evil 6

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PostResident Evil 6

So i got Resident Evil 6 the day it came out and I love it, I know people complain that it's too different from the earlier resident evils but I like the changes cos then I'm not playing the same game with different story.

I've gotten through Leon's story (Which has a boss that I'm sure bases some of its animations from the Deviljho, when shot enough it flinches the same way Jho does, when you shoot its face it rears its head up like Jho and it has this attack where it lifts its right leg up and stomps it on the ground, which makes Leon stagger if too close.)

Now I'm halfway through Chris' story (for some reason Chris feels different than in Resident Evil 5 for me) When I first saw the trailer for it I heard people saying that Ashley was returning, I found out it wasn't her but it just so happens that it's Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2 thats playable (you know, the little girl, needed protecting, like Ashley except without the constant "Leon! HEEEEELP!!!")
So anyone else playing it or planning to?
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Resident Evil 6

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