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 [Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not?

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[Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not? Empty
PostSubject: [Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not?   [Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not? Icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 3:18 pm

When you do an unsheathe attack or overhead slash in the under water and hold it a bit you do an extra swing [fast invisible one] (which can be seen on another 3ds or Wii U) and on your screen your still holding your sword for charging. When you let go you have your own swing (other people playing with you see two swings).

*Note* they both do damage, since i flinched the monster while charging and went O_o? Also the 3 charge flinched the monster when it hit.

The group I play with currently love sleep bombing the monster with my 3 charge to break the bombs thus we realized why it didn't work in water, because an extra swing was done before my 3 charge LOL.

Tested it normally in underwater while looking at another 3DS and Wii U person looking at me and yep, glitch!!!. You get an extra swing!!! SICK!!! Hehehe

So discuss what would be the best combo to do underwater with this exploit? 3 charge or which combo to repeat with the extra hit?
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[Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not? Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not?   [Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not? Icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 3:54 pm

This has to do with who is the "owner" of the monster. The owner is determined by who entered the zone first and/or who was the leader, or highest among the group in the order in which the quest was accepted.

What happens is: predictive attacks. If you are the owner of the monster, and your friend has a greatsword, the moment he presses the attack button, the swing animation goes through, even though he is in reality charging. The game then updates itself and processes the GS user as charging, but the initial hit "already was processed".

Try it this way and you will see that you will not get the "double swing" credit, even if your friends "see" it:

Be the very first one into a water zone. Place a bomb, Do your charge. You will notice that it will NOT go off until your charge is complete and goes through. Next, have someone else go into the zone and place the barrel bomb and do your charge again. You will notice that this time the bomb goes off the moment you beging your attack instead of after the charge.

As for it being "good" or not, It is not a big issue in my mind. It is not "that" exploitable, and while it is a slight increase in overall damage to the monster, if you couldn't win the battle before this, that little bit of extra dps wont be a turning point.
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[Glitch] Greatsword Underwater Awesome or not?
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