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 Light Bowgun help

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PostSubject: Light Bowgun help   Light Bowgun help Icon_minitimeWed Apr 24, 2013 10:25 am

Hello i am new here and i realy need help.

I learned to play with light bowgun since i buyed the game but without realy becoming an expert of the weapon.

My sets are usually always the sames...One element+2(fire,ice,thunder,water but no dragon)and Sniper when i can using rapid elemental shots.

And i would like to know more usefull sets and ways to play!

I have been realy interested in pierce sets but i dont know what work best, i heard pierce lvl 1 can be more usefull than other pierce lvl, i noticed the rapid pierce fire leave you vulnerable for few seconds which i dont like...So i dont know the correct way to make a pierce set based on LIGHT bowguns.

Please if you have any elemental or pierce set can you share?(i dont need statut im happy with mine) And tell me how it work?

And please,if you respond to this message, can you write the full names with no abreviations?I am french,it's not easy to understand abreviations of items in another language.

*a gunner that would like to play with her light bowgun in an effective way*
PS: Online gameplay
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Light Bowgun help
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