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 Splash Screen Freezing Wii U Games?

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PostSubject: Splash Screen Freezing Wii U Games?   Wed May 01, 2013 1:18 am

Anyone else been getting games for the Wii U and having them freeze/get stuck on the splash screens?

I rented Darksiders 2 back when it came out and it had that problem a few times, before giving some sort of error about a dirty disc. Then I got ZombiU about a month ago and spent three weeks sending and receiving discs (I ended up with 3 at a time once) and I got it running ONCE but it kept freezing at the splash screen.

Now I finally got Injustice after 2 weeks (I had an open slot on the day it came out but they sent a game not even in my top 10 let alone my top 5 like they say they try to get you, I shouldve had priority since I had the game on my list since the day they put it up about two and a half months ago) but now its freezing, and not even asking to download update data

Every game I've gotten gives me a prompt to download an update (which I assume is a section of data for the general updater on the system so it knows what games to look for) and it goes straight to the pic of Wonder Woman and Batman, and just plays the Wii U menu music

Anyone else having problems with games for their Wii U? Mainly non Japanese made ones
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Splash Screen Freezing Wii U Games?
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