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 Capcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan

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Capcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan Empty
PostCapcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan


Not liking this one bit.
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Capcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan :: Comments

Re: Capcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan
Post on Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:27 pm by Tomderdepp
first of all i can't really take this video serious when he says MH4U being the "only" (especially the tone he said it in) big thing shown at E3 by Capcom is a bad sign, as it is the successor of a game that sold over 4 million in japan alone. (he's one of those for whom handhelds aren't gameing)
also there's a lot of conspirancy in this video

I'm no expert but as far as i understand the stockmarket, giving up this defense just means that capcom isn't holding on to the majority of their stock anymore. so if someone bought a lot of their stock they would have a lot to say about what happens to the company in the future but as long as they don't own more than 50% they don't own the company. and even the possibility that this happens isn't neccesarily too big as there is propaply not enough stock available on the market to get the majority.

and even if someone tried to buy out the company they said they wouldn't neccesarily let it happen.

of course all of this is a lot more complex than i described here but i really don't think it is as serious as the guy in the video want's to make it.

EDIT: i looked into it a bit more and it might be a bit more serious than i thought after all.
Oni Zelkami
Re: Capcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan
Post on Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:51 pm by Oni Zelkami
Not good. I can see properties like Resident Evil and Megaman being sold off exclusively, which I'm not saying is a good thing, but what I'm really worried about is Street Fighter. If that becomes a Sony exclusive like Max said, that'd pretty much be the end of the whole series, let alone the competitive scene, which is why it's still turning a profit with all its rehashes.

Capcom abandons its stock takeover defense plan

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