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 New game consoles...

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New game consoles... Empty
PostNew game consoles...

So, overall they say dedicated gaming is on the fall and moving more towards "mobile" (phones/tablets) and PC of course as it has been. The big 3 though are all coming out with new/updated systems.

Sony seems to be ditching handheld all together in favor of VR with the PS4slim and PSvr. While I personally have a paranoia about wearing a helmet on my head that prevents me from seeing or hearing the world around me, it seems to be a good move on Sony's part. Sony's popular and even their mistakes are overlooked often without question.

Microsoft... Well they have the scorpion coming out but other than it being in 4K I'm not sure it's any different than the current XB1. Online and pc gaming are really keeping micro alive in the west but in the east (Japan) they can't really give away systems.

The Nintendo Shift was officially announced yesterday and while Nin claims it isn't a replacement for the "failed" WiiU and top selling gaming system 3DS... We all know it is. Without much information though other than it being a home and portable console there is a lot of skepticism as to weather anyone will be willing to get one or not. And if 3rd parties fall through again for Nintendo... well, we can guess as to the Shift's shifty future.

The reason I bring this up is to ask everyone what they think about the gaming future. Will MS or PS make any more systems after the Slim and Scorpio? The 3ds has had a 5 year run so far, will we see any more MH games on it after this year?

Do you think most people are moving away from any type of dedicated gaming and to quick fixes on the smart devices?

I for one prefer dedicated consoles and hop to see them continue but really not sure they can continue as they are. Not sure on what I think would help either.
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New game consoles... :: Comments

Re: New game consoles...
Post on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:10 pm by Sephastus
The "Switch" from Nintendo feels very gimmicky to me. It is just a portable gaming console that does not seem to set it appart from everything that has been released so far.

If they do not have "exclusive" games for it that gamers will want to play, it will be DoA.

As for the Playstation. I used to buy the console the moment it was released. For the PS4 I have yet to get it, because there weren't any games that i wanted to play on it, and I didn't have a 4K TV. The PS4 Pro, however, I will be getting, mainly because I am looking forward to FFXV, PS VR, FFVII Remake and FINALLY a MH game for the Playstation. Not sure if it will release here in the states, but I am betting that it will be eventually. MH in 4K? YES PLEASE!
Re: New game consoles...
Post on Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:52 am by MHWF
^ More MH games are coming to Nintendo consoles in the West first it seems. Announcement coming this week.

PS VR seems like another Vita/Vita tv/PS Go/Xperia.... and so on to me. So I don't think Sony will support it that long.

Switch... It will have Nintendo exclusives which is to be expected and is really what sales Nintendo starting out but any other game will likely be on all systems as developers won't support it unless they can port it. (I rhymed)

Interesting information:

I was talking to a few people yesterday and there seems to be rumors going around that Sony IS working on a new portable system. Not sure that's a great idea on their part though. The way I see it Sony is great with home consoles and Nin for portable. Microsoft for computer gaming....
Re: New game consoles...
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New game consoles...

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