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 MH5 PS4 exclusive?

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PostMH5 PS4 exclusive?

There has been no confirmation as of yet on the system that Monster Hunter 5 will be coming to but many in the gaming business, working around Capcom and Sony have said that Sony is in talks with Capcom to try and make it happen. Monster Hunter 5 would be a huge boost for Sony in Japan and in the west as well.

Sony would also highly benefit having MH5 exclusivity over Nintendo's Switch console which has seen an increase in market shares and sales since the announcement of MHxx for the Switch.

A Monster Hunter game for the PS4 would have the benefits of graphics and power on it's side though the MH series in general has sold better on portable systems (see the 3DS' sales of MH for reference.)

Others have speculated that Capcom will Split the Monster Hunter series into it's two major parts, a home console MH franchise (including MH5, frontier and so on) and it's 'Portable' series. The portable games would remain mostly with Nintendo's portable Switch and 3ds while the home console would go to the PS4.

Out of Curiosity how many of you would like to see Monster Hunter on the PS4? With the switch being both Home and Portable would Capcom benefit having MH on the PS4 in ways other than graphically? What's your opinion?

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MH5 PS4 exclusive? :: Comments

Re: MH5 PS4 exclusive?
Post on Wed May 31, 2017 6:54 pm by Sephastus
The only reason I would oppose the MH5 being exclusive to any console (apart from the Switch), is that this would immediately mean at least a 1 year delay before it comes out in the west due to localization.

The other 1/3 of the MH fan base is not located in Japan, and that makes us 2nd class humans to any game developed primarily on that island.
Re: MH5 PS4 exclusive?
Post on Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:20 am by MHWF
True, but many Japanese gaming companies are advocating for a move away from a primarily Japan focused gaming culture. For several years now the sales of games in Europe and the US have risen well over the profit margin in Japan. Disgaea 5 Complete is a good example. Day one it sold better on the switch in the US than all the sales of the PS4 version in the past year in Japan.

Monster Hunter has also been showing a trend of higher sales in the west than in previous years, though Capcom is still skittish of focusing on it's business outside its home country.
Re: MH5 PS4 exclusive?
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MH5 PS4 exclusive?

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