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 Final fantasy 4 the complete collection

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PostFinal fantasy 4 the complete collection

I made this little section to talk about the recently released Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection on psp.
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Final fantasy 4 the complete collection :: Comments

Re: Final fantasy 4 the complete collection
Post on Mon May 30, 2011 10:41 pm by Stuff
Did you play through them? If so:

-What's loading times like? I hate when a remastered version makes you wait foreeeeeever to go in/out of battles/areas/the menu.

-Is there a way to stop the music from resetting after each battle? That friggin annoying. Sometimes I'm enjoying the world map music and then-BATTLE!....victory fanfare...NOOOOOO! It was up to the good part! Sad by vort

-I don't really want to play ff4 again. Is it worth 1 final playthrough?

-I have the after years on my wii but I haven't played it yet. I'm not even gonna ask if you can compare the wii one and this one.

-What's the remastered music like? I'm normally a remastered hater since the original is usually much better for whatever reason, but sometimes remastered is good.

I mean, this is portable, remastered eye candy, and the full trilogy all in one. And I didn't even know there was a 3rd part. So I don't even understand why I'm hesitating to play this.
Re: Final fantasy 4 the complete collection
Post on Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:57 pm by Ares
alrite, heres the deal, it includes the original game ffiv (wii ware ffii) ffiv interlude game(which is ONLY available in this special edition version of the game. and ffiv the after years. ffiv the after years has all of the character stories on it, u just have to unlock them by completing other stories. FFIV original has modern spell names (original=fire3.modern=firaga) and has the same battle style as iv the after years where a bar fills up befor u attack, the new music is better in my opinon, but u can check it out for urself, and if u prefer original u can change the settings to have the original music. The interlude game i havnt played much, but it revolves arround a few of the dungeons from the other 2, oh and the original has a few more special moves, for example, d. knight cecil can use a move called darkness which shoots a dark beam or somethin and saps some of his healt.

If u have any more questions messag me or just rply to this, srry tht it took me so long to reply.

Final fantasy 4 the complete collection

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