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This topic is not, I repeat not, about treyarch's popular nazi zombies. This topic is for any dicussion, tips, anything about nazi zombies portable, a game designed entirely off nazi zombies but using an extremely changed quake engine. It's extremely fun, and serves as a great game on the PC or the PSP(doesn' even need CFW!). They have map making setups and plenty of online communities. Currently it's in beta testing and can be downloaded at

its totally free, and has tons of user made maps for download. Its a nice little game to play if your ever bored.

If you do try it out it can support multiplayer, basic instructions for this can be found here: OR here:

that site also has some free map downloads here:

Edit: Lulz on the ratio of veiws to posts

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Re: NZ:P discussion
Post on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:31 pm by Eddy
so i can download it for my psp without hacks?
Re: NZ:P discussion
Post on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:58 pm by nasalsniper312
^ as far as I know, I've yet to do it on my PSP. People have done it with CFW, but apparently you can just access it from the games folder and have no need for an iso

If your curious there are tons of tutorials for it on youtube, or you can just google it.
Re: NZ:P discussion
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NZ:P discussion

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