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 NFS most wanted LAN

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PostNFS most wanted LAN

Anyone tried to play this game by lan connection?
We couldn't connect to eachother after all...
Ofc we dont have 4 computers in one place but we have hamachi program.

1) Just hamachi+nfs = you cant see any hosts.
2) Hamachi+forcebindIP+nfs = if you will try to create a host it would be long "creating server" then you will see "connection timed out". While you are "creating a host"
other hamachi user will see your host.
3) "Plan" programm servers seems like offline. Am i wrong?

Maybe there is other programs to create virtual lan connection?

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NFS most wanted LAN :: Comments

Re: NFS most wanted LAN
Post on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:37 pm by Guest
why would you ever want to, most wanted has horrible multiplayer. <_<

NFS most wanted LAN

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