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 The Wild Gunner

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Primary MH Title: Monster Hunter Tri
Country of Origin (for connection Speed use): 8

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PostThe Wild Gunner

The Wild Gunner - Page 2 573747074 My name's Raven and I use basically Bowgun M for my kills The Wild Gunner - Page 2 573747074
I was introduced to MH Tri around June and have been in love ever since. I am currently HR 78 about to be 79 probably in one more quest.
My choice of armour is a mixture of the Amagi Armour regular and + for the extra slots and of coarse the Clust Up.

I'm not one for bragging but gunning is second nature and I can kill every monster with it EXCEPT the Lagiacrus.....I'll work on that.....Anyways!!!!!
The Wild Gunner - Page 2 573747074 My Goal right now is a bit silly but completely for laughs..I want to film and make a video of me gunning down every flying monster in the game. You know..a aerial kill per-say XD I made this idea up after Gunning down Alatreon unexpectedly and it really made me laugh.... :lol!:

Its a pleasure to meet you all and hope to see you around Kay!?!? ^w^
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Re: The Wild Gunner
Post on Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:30 pm by Win32error
Well, you can gem in pierce boost and pierce shot up in basically every armour. But diablos gives both of them with only 3 armour yeah, that's why diablos. But hey, it does look very very bad...

The Wild Gunner

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