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 Top 3 Games Pre-E3

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PostTop 3 Games Pre-E3

So basically I am wondering what are the 3 games you are most excited about getting and playing before those announced at E3 next month and why?

Mine are:

Heroes of ruin: (3DS)

Basically this will be the first game on the 3DS to really show off it's online and multiplayer power. Nintendo is really backing this one as well. With full voice chat it's finally using the systems mic and features such as drop in/out seemless entry of games that adjust the battles instantly to the numbers and levels of the players... it's sure to be a very interesting experiance.

Soul Sacrifice: (PSV)

Basically this game interest me for the simple fact that it is being worked on by Keiji Inafune (The Creator of Mega Man) and is really one of the first games IMO that really looks good on the PSV. It has a lot of great art and interesting concepts in it's gameplay.

Project X (cross) Zone: (3DS)

Now here is a rare sort of... well everything. First off the developers of the game are Namco Bandai, Capcom, and Sega with the publisher on the game being Monolith Soft.

At first glance the game's screen shots that have been shown so far make it look like a fighting game but it's actually a Stratagy RPG in the style of games like Fire Emblem with a pretty good mix of characters from all the companies above (Monoliths has two characters Kos-Mos and T-elos from Xenosaga but both are being braught in by Namco).

Though no Western release has been announced yet it is very likely as Monolith is a Nintendo owned company.

So those are my 3 and why... what about you all?
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Top 3 Games Pre-E3 :: Comments

Re: Top 3 Games Pre-E3
Post on Thu May 24, 2012 11:31 am by Godzilla2195
Borderlands 2 is all I've got. Need more looting games anyway. Diablo 3 doesn't cut it.

Outside of that, Tri G I suppose.

Do we need three? Dwarf Fortress 1.0 if we do. Though that won't be for many, many years.

EDIT: Forgot to mention why. Borderlands was awesopme the first time, and the sequal looks better. So, that's a given. Tri G is monster Hunter, which is the only console game I still play. Heck, Monster Hunter is the only game I still play that I had to pay for, PC or console. And DF, when it hits 1.0, will be the best game in the world. No questions there.
Oni Zelkami
Re: Top 3 Games Pre-E3
Post on Thu May 24, 2012 6:04 pm by Oni Zelkami
Since I don't expect Smash Bros 4 or Zelda HD to be appearing, in no particular order:

Monster Hunter 4 (3DS): Not sure I need to explain this one.

Tekken (WiiU): I played Tekken 6 for some time and couldn't get the hang of it. I rented Tekken 3D, and got good with a few characters, but I'm hoping the WiiU version will be able to keep me occupied fighting game wise until SSB4. Besides, I want to make Zuko Jin, and Hideyoshi Leo. Creation modes are big way to get my sale.

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale (PSV): I know, I know, it's a rip off, but it's still a very interesting looking title. I probably won't own a PS3, but I've seen some intriguing software come out for the Vita (Including the new Ys title), and will be considering buying one sometime after I get the WiiU. I hope for Wanderer and Lara Croft to make it in.

Honorable mentions:
Samurai Warriors Chronicles 2
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Tekken X Street Fighter
Dead or Alive 5
Re: Top 3 Games Pre-E3
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Top 3 Games Pre-E3

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