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 Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more...

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Phazon Xenomorph
Phazon Xenomorph

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Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more... - Page 2 Empty
PostMushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more...

So I just discovered about these bullet hell shooters and seen videos of them, their epic music, and chaotic bullet dodging nature, and now more than ever I have a obsession to play them and push my gaming abilities to new limits and beyond, just curious, who else has played these? And if you did, how did you honestly fair against them?


See the red dot inside the yellow glowing circle in the player? If that gets hit (only part you can be damaged) you die instantly.

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Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more... :: Comments

Re: Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more...
Post on Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:38 am by quidam
vort wanted to have the last wort
Phazon Xenomorph
Re: Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more...
Post on Tue May 21, 2013 7:22 am by Phazon Xenomorph
Bit of an old bump but I shall be having Mushihimesama-Futari soon via Amazon:

While I'd like to afford a Wii U and get to some serious Monster Hunter hunting, this will hold me over hopefully. Updated first post with excellent video of the games (including it here too) most notorious boss (hardest in video game history).

view on youtube or full screen to truly appreciate the sheer amount of DEATH coming your way (you have to protect the red dot inside the glowing yellow circle, a single bullet touching that kills you instantly).
Re: Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more...
Post on Tue May 21, 2013 1:52 pm by GobulHunterJames
Touhou 14 has a demo trial announced for 26th May. New game's called Double Dealing Character.

Mushihimesama-Futari, Touhou, and more...

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