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 A quick explanation of the forum...

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A quick explanation of the forum... Empty
PostA quick explanation of the forum...

Earlier on the chat it was asked what the forum was all about and how we were related to a few other Monster hunter sites... I will provide you with that conversation (part of anyways) in hopes that it may hep some of you with a bit more understanding about this forum as well.

[16:03:18] Ares : and this forum is dedicated to the wiki
[16:03:28] Ares : And also
[16:05:01] Ares : wb win
[16:05:22] @ Win32error : Ares, you do know we're not affliated to the wiki?
[16:05:33] charleszxc : SEEE
[16:05:41] charleszxc : sorry had to do it
[16:06:04] Ares : so mh wiki forum is not affiliated with the mh wiki?
[16:06:14] @ Win32error : Nope.
[16:06:22] charleszxc : i already said that earlier
[16:06:37] @ Win32error : While it was deadcat, a wiki member, who created this forum, there's no official links.
[16:06:37] Ares : and that's why theres a link to the forum on the mhwiki?
[16:06:54] @ Win32error : Courtesy of us towards the wiki.
[16:07:03] Ares : I see
[16:07:06] Ares : Whatever
[16:07:10] @ Win32error : Look, it's not like we're 100% unrelated.
[16:07:29] @ Win32error : But there's no link in any real way, apart from a few members knowing some others.
[16:07:29] charleszxc : hes
[16:07:58] Ares : I see
[16:08:23] Ares : The title seems to be a bit of a misnomer then doesnt it
[16:08:50] @ Win32error : Not really.
[16:08:54] @ Win32error : It was made with the intention
[16:09:12] @ Win32error : Dcj does try to bring it closer together, i hear
[16:09:22] Ares : Yeah
[16:09:43] @ Win32error : But the wiki people don't care about us, and vice versa
[16:10:40] charleszxc : dcj is the creater of this right
[16:10:48] charleszxc : bc i heard he was
[16:10:50] Ares : no
[16:10:53] Ares : deadcat was
[16:11:20] charleszxc : someone said he was, or the owner or something
[16:11:31] charleszxc : i heard it the other day
[16:11:33] Ares : He was head admin for awhile
[16:11:44] Ares : but he passed the title to win
[16:12:25] charleszxc : oh is that true win?
[16:12:40] Ares : No i'm a dirty liar
[16:12:55] @ Win32error : Deadcat was the founder of the forum
[16:13:09] @ Win32error : He left soon after, leaving only one admin, rook.
[16:13:24] charleszxc : i didnt say that ares.
[16:13:35] Ares : I know
[16:13:45] @ Win32error : Rook was here for something like a year, as only admin. Deadcat remained founder, but he never showed up.
[16:14:20] dcj91x joined the chat on Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:14 pm
[16:14:21] @ Win32error : At some point, rook made dcj mod, a week later admin, and then he left about a week after that.
[16:14:30] Ares : hey dcj
[16:14:34] @ Win32error : Hello dcj

[16:15:54] @ dcj91x : Maybe I can help explain..
[16:16:05] charleszxc : please do
[16:16:09] charleszxc : more the merryer
[16:16:30] @ dcj91x : the Monster Hunter Wikia and MHWikiForum are seperate sites
[16:17:02] @ dcj91x : but we all try to promote each other and try to unite multiple Monster Hunter Comunities.
[16:17:42] @ dcj91x : Links to the MHWikiForums can actually be found on several sites such as the MHWikis, MonsterHunterNews, and several others as well.
[16:19:15] @ dcj91x : It is a joint effort to inform more people about the world of Monster Hunter... and While yes we all do have seperate (and equal) roles to play we allso provide a little bit different experiance.

[16:20:39] charleszxc : i like it here this will always be my go to mh wise (except for wep trees until u get some)
[16:20:58] @ dcj91x : MonsterHunterNews, primarily provides .. news, the Wikia primarily privides an indepth look into each game and we Primarily provide a community based forum to learn about and talk about each game and provide resources to learn about the games from each other...
[16:21:26] charleszxc : are herealso events and stuffa
[16:21:42] charleszxc : *also events are here
[16:21:43] @ dcj91x : For us this could include community member made video's, guides, chat's or just basic talk...
[16:22:39] @ dcj91x : Yes Charles as well as community based events that introduce new members and more experianced members to each other and the games.

Hope that helps a bit....

And by the way.. Welcome to all the new Forum members!
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A quick explanation of the forum... :: Comments

Re: A quick explanation of the forum...
Post on Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:31 pm by laoshanicrus

A quick explanation of the forum...

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