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 Dmc devil may cry demo

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PostDmc devil may cry demo

Ok so last night i downloaded the demo and played it this morning and i like to say what i think and to hear what others have to say.

Gameplay:It was great to be honest the buttons confused me at first but once i got the hang of it i was enjoying beating them demons down also i like the CCTV idea although i can see it getting on people nerves.
the boss in the demo is gross but good i was mostly swaping with Rebellion and Osiris but because my ps3 controller buttons are funny XD.

The weapon:The weapons are interesting i must say there Rebellion(sword),Ebony & Ivory(dual guns),Osiris(Scythe),Arbiter(Battle axe) and some kinda grappling hook(its alot like Neo snatch ability to be honest).
there all really good although i not too interested in the axe also Dante call his guns girls in a part in the demo while if i remember in older games he called them guys so yeah ._. .

Dante himself:There no way around it he not the same classy Dante he a punk with a dirty mouth and i have no idea why he needs to look the way he does now still at least when he devil triggers he looks like are good old classy dante so thats nice (shame it was so short D: ) .

Its alright the music and fighting good and weapons are cool i'm planning to pre order the son of sparda version so i can get that necklace and something that change the wepaons(like turns everyone of them into for exmple bone but not the sword i think) anyway like i said tell me what you think
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Dmc devil may cry demo :: Comments

Re: Dmc devil may cry demo
Post on Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:08 am by Shiera
I tried the demo as well. I love the way they worked the combat for this one, it's like a fusion of all previous incarnations. Now, onto the new Dante. A couple years ago when the game was first announced, I swore I'd never touch it because Dante looked like a crackhead. Thankfully, he's hot now. As to his 'foul-mouthed'ness, he's very much like the young Dante of DMC3, which makes sense as this Dante is only learning of his origins in this game. The suave, debonair Dante of DMC 1, 2, and 4 was much older and more refined compared to these two young counterparts. I think sequels of this incarnation will probably show a similar growth in the character.

Dmc devil may cry demo

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