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 Dust 514 is now in open beta

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Dust 514 is now in open beta Empty
PostDust 514 is now in open beta

So for those of you who don't know what Dust 514 is, it's a PS3 exclusive first person shooter that is linked to the Eve online universe, people from eve can use their big ship lazors t do orbital bombardments, also Eve players are the ones who you fight for, so it's pretty crazy and pretty big.

and did I mention....


Anyways, is anyone playing this right now? I am downloading it as I type this but thought It'd be nice to find out if any of you are playing and if so maybe we could play together and what not.
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Dust 514 is now in open beta :: Comments

Re: Dust 514 is now in open beta
Post on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:33 pm by Guest
sup will

once you get in game, please apply to TunDraGon corporation, which is the Eve corp i am a part of. If you want planetary bombardment in the future I or perhaps other members of tundragon can provide it for you. There are also a couple of tundragon Eve players on Dust, (I dont have a PS3).

Dust 514 is now in open beta

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