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 the 3DS and RPG games

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Postthe 3DS and RPG games

Gameplay in a game is an important element but it's the story that really draws you in (for me anyways) and makes you want to keep playing and find out what happens to the end of the game. Who will the main character become and what will happen to those you meet along the way.

RPG's are an amazing type of game and for those who enjoy them, you know how involving a good one can be and how deep and enriching it can be. For a while now though, saddly, it seems that a lot of systems and game companies have moved away from rpg's and the imports here to the west have become few and far between. ately though the 3DS has begun to recive several and many more have been announced.

For the 3DS a $39.99 or less purchase could be well worth it and a great investment on entertainment. Here ar a few RPG titles you may have not known about that are out or coming out on the 3DS.

Crimson Shroud:

I've mentione this one a few times on the forum. It's basically an old school Table top paper and pen RPG put onto the 3DS. It has an amazing storyline that you can play several time keeping your experiance and items each time you play. It's an e-shop download and is out in both the EU and US for under $10usd

Unchained Blades:

A little dissapointing in the fact that the button controlls on this game were not changed from the PSP version.. but if you are use to playing the PSP that's not a problem though going from one 3DS game to another it may get a bit annoying. The Storyline and all the stuff to do in the game adds up to many hours of gameplay.

Etrian Odyssey IV

Like many rpg games of late EOIV is offering a regular and casual mode for beginers. The casual mode just lets you play with little threat of making bad decisions if you have never played other games in the series. IMO this is a good thing for first time players just starting out.. Not something I choose of course. Though a slow starting game it's simple to play but fun to just sit down and enjoy.

Fire Embelem: Awaakening

The extream in stratagy RPG's. With more to do than any other game I have seen on the 3DS yet, options to keep you exploring it from the start for many hours, dlc to help and to hinder... And more replay value then you could hope for this is a great RPG worth getting a 3DS (or the special edition 3DS) for.

Shin Megami Tensei

There are SEVERAL Shin Megami games out and coming out for the 3DS:

Soul Hackers and IV just to start with, though there are several others on the 3DS as well. All have great story lines and all look beatuiful in 3D or 2d.

Dragon Quest VII

On it's way to the west and hopefully followed by DQX. This is a great retro game with a nice story that if you haven't played is worth having a go at.

Also (thanks Yuki!

Tales of the Abyss

Great game the first time it game out.. Just as good now!!!

retro titles: The 3DS has several classic rpg's out now and coming out to include many Zelda games.

The ones I have name here are just a VERY... VERY few titles. If you are an RPG fan I would suggest taking a look at what's out there to be gotten now and in the near future. you might see something you like.

Other 3ds rpg/rpgish games of interest on the 3DS now or soon:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
Code of Princess (much fun IMO and also a good fighting game style)
Fantasy Life (No Western Announcement but REALLLLY HOPING!)
Harvest Moon (Several Games)
Rune Factory (several Games)
Lego City UNdercover (Yup.. Not just a lego game but an RPG as well.)
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (A new MArio RPG)
Project X Zone (Stratagy RPG that combines... well just about every game every!)
Skylanders (a really great game once you understand the concept)
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the 3DS and RPG games :: Comments

Re: the 3DS and RPG games
Post on Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:55 am by dcj91x
Update on the Shin Megami Tensei games: it seems they have announced several mor for the 3DS as well.... Devil Survivor 2 will also be coming this year.

A few more RPG have also been announced as well The Zelda Link to the Past game, and Zelda orcle games for eshop..

Both Fantasy Life and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy have recieved western announcements..

several other are announced as well some with western date some just announced:

Eternal Eden
Guild 02 (various)
Hakuōki (more of a novel RPG)

Several IOS companies have also announced work on eshop games and a recent 8bit rpg added

Witch and Hero

which has a very interesting story..

Re: the 3DS and RPG games
Post on Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:08 am by pumpkinslayer
What about the denpa men and the denpa men 2? They look like fairly decent RPGs, but I haven't played them so I don't know.
Re: the 3DS and RPG games
Post on Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:56 am by Guest
3ds has the most ridiculous amount of nice games coming out. I wish wii U had this sort of lineup at the moment, but i guess HD stuff is harder to churn out.
Re: the 3DS and RPG games
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:57 am by dcj91x
^ There is a rather large list in the works for the WiiU as I understand it. A lot of Download games and retail.. but from what I understand, Like sony and Micro, Nintendo is waiting on E3... This year should be quite interesting though. sony and micro have big shows lined up, nintendo has decided to go a different rout once again. They have more booth than they other two combined as I understand it and will not be putting on a bit show announcement. Spend all their $$$ getting floor space and will be holding hands on and floor announcements throughout the other two's conferences.. or something like that.

Anyways, Yea.. The 3DS (like the ds and other Nin handhelds) has an amazing amount of games from genra and the fact that they are localizing so many RPG's is really exciting and frustraiting. Most last many many hours and leave little time to actually play them all or anything else.
Re: the 3DS and RPG games
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:06 pm by Guest
nintendo doesnt have a press conference at E3 this year so I don't know why they would wait for it.
Re: the 3DS and RPG games
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:01 pm by dcj91x
From what I understand.. Sony's press confernce starts.. Nentendo (with it's large floorspace) decided to hold a huge on floor revel for everyone.. not just press at the same time..

Micro has a it's press release.. Nintendo has another huge reveal.. And again since it's not press only and everyone who attends E3 can be there on floor...

Well, you end up with nintendo who spent all the money they could have on Press confrence time spending it on extra floor space and doing all their announcements out in the oppen for everyone to see..

Also remember Iwata is not the CEO of nintendo US... And he has a pretty bit backing from Nintendo japan and everywhere else...
Re: the 3DS and RPG games
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the 3DS and RPG games

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