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 Pokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of

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PostPokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of

So most people have seen the Deviantart pictures of the pokemon used as MH gear:

but apparently someone took that completely seriously and created an appStore game called PMH (pocket monster hunter)...

And talk about plagirizing...

First look at the picture of the game here:



Looks "almost" just like the actual Pokemon huh... well gues what? In the game.... they use the exact same names of the actual pokemon from the pokemon game...

Here's the really odd thing though, it's actually a good game. The basic Idea of the game is that you go out to different areas, either hunt or capture monsters, make gear and weapons from those you hunt and use the ones you capture to help you battle and evolve...

Just thought it was funny. People have joked about a pokemon/MH crossover.. Didn't know there actually was one.
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Pokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of :: Comments

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's only good because of all seven shades of plagurism it's sporting.

I have a massive thing against fakemon, especially bad fakemon, and especially since this isn't even trying to cover it's tracks plagurism wise, I kinda hope it gets taken down.

These are the reason the American government are trying to pass SOPA/PIPA/CISPA etc
Re: Pokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of
Post on Mon May 21, 2012 2:29 pm by Leonhardt
a game where u kan kill pokemon? tell me more....

and theyre tryin to do wat china did probably lol
In case it wasn't obvious yet, this game is Chinese.
Besides the obvious plagiarism for which China is known and loved, noticed the watermark in the bottom right of both pictures.
Ata... Can't really argue with that.

Roik, you are correct. The developer Chinese campany, "lan hang technology Co". Apparently they are notorious for copying Pokemon games.

But then again MH has been copied as well so it's no suprise that this has come along. I was just suprised to see the names and designs being used so freely without Apple caring. Usually they are quite against copyright infringements. (Or is that just their own?)
tbh, i saw this awhile back. A friend of mine got hooked on it as soon as he saw it .-.
Re: Pokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of
Post on Mon May 21, 2012 5:43 pm by Ultimate Jaggi
charizard's an improvement
@Ultimate Jaggi wrote:
charizard's an improvement
No charizard should never change we all know and love that big old orange dragon although i do like it but don't replace charizard =D.

On a other note i really love that floppy ear pikachu not the last one i mean the second one so cute +_+
Re: Pokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of
Post on Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:50 pm by ShadowCeadeusDM324
*ancient aliens guy*
American and Japanese games were
copied and look almost the same?
Even if someone (like me) would draw/paint/create something based on anything else I can agree if it is used as inspiration or something. But copying? Originality, where are you?

Pokemon/Monster Hunter.... Somone actually did it... sort of

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