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 Racy 3DS games Thus far

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PostRacy 3DS games Thus far

Well the 3DS has been out for a little less than 3 years now and has become the top selling video game system across the world since it's price drop and since the release of the 3DSxl.
One of the first comments made by developers was, "3D.. 3D boobs.. Yes please" or something like that....
Boob physics is nothing new to videogames DOA (dead or Alive) and other fighting games have been pushing it for years and while Nintendo has had it's fair share of.. Questionable sexually oriented games in the past on the DS very few were released outside Japan. Since the release of the 3DS however physics and more.. umm contriversal games have not only "Developed" (pun intended) but have olso found their way bouncing into the western market. And most of these games have been really well dome and fun games to play. Other games have still been considered to "Japanese" to find a foothold outside Japan.
While there are different veiws on the subject mater that is being portrayed in these games (regardless of who's making them), they bring more sales and larger variety of games into the market for adults on a system that has garnered a reputation of being for children and has had many of it's older teen and adult titles overlooked for years.
So just to give and Idea of just how many of these games have been release since February 26, 2011 here is a list:
Code of Princess (while not as overthe top as other games on this list, this side scrolling beat em'up's main character as well as many other female characters in the game is pure eye candy. And the game often pokes fun at it's self for that... Good news is.. the game is a lot of fun.)
Fire Emblem: Awakening (When a game adds DLC with a content just to show off it's main characters in bikini's for both male and female characters, you know they are trying to use sex appeal.)
Shin Megami Tensei IV (Though the main characters are nothing to look at the demon fusions yeild some interesting results and they have bios to explain every bit of their looks.)
New Love Plus (full on dating sim that when released in japan left thousands of buys having videos of them getting taken and posted of them on YouTub of their hard fought efforts to try and look up their digital girlfriends skirt. But actually a really good game and not that easy to get a girl to like you... too much like real life ;))
Conception II (A really good JRPG coming out next year in the west which is part dating sim and part dungeon crawler... but the whole point of the game is to get your sexy classmated to have your children so you can use them in battle. That includes male and female classmates.)
Dead or Alive: Dimensions (other fighting games) (These may only fit loosely here but a lot of fighting games like DOA have made their female characters more and more sexuallised and have added more elements to make them more appealing. IN the 3DS version of DOA you can take pictures of the characters from all angles..)
Exstetra (Another JRPG but the main theme of this one is the way you gain power... "You have to kiss the girls.")
Hakuōki 3D (this game is actually a visual novel for girls and is also released in the west. it has a lot of sexual themes for both girls and guys.)

Senran Kagura Burst (in this side scrolling beat em' up you play it as much of a "dress up sim" as you do a fighting game. But the main catch here is that your life bar is directly tie to your cloths.. the more damage you take the less your cloths stay on. The "female" creator of this game said it was a game sh had been wanting to make for a while and the thing about it.. it's a really solid game and worth playing.)

Colors 3D (while this isn't a game but a drawing app, it is completely uncensored by nintendo and once you sign into the sight with your age approved you can veiw and post adult content pictures.. as long as it is approved to be actual art)

Moe Moe Daisensou Gendaiban 3d ( a turned based stratagy game of sexy female chiby characters that... well blow stuf up..)

If i were traped in a room with a girl i would probably XXX (I's an escape game... you're in a room with a girl who has nothing on but a towle...? I'm not so sure about this escaping thing?)

Ages of Amazones (You're a female prision gaurd trying to get to her ship before the other prisinors on a prision planet of all female prisioners do... and yea.. once you defeat each prisioner you have to interegate them by.. rubbing them?)

Toshin Toshi (So.. in this game you are a figter with a female figting companion.. you fight against other Male fighters with female companions.. each time you beat one you earn the right to... um date the female companion where you have to impress them enough to have them fall in love with you and they will give you their combat skills which you then teach to your female companion privately...."

Persona Q The first persona game outside of the sony system... can we see where this is going? MH.. anyone? Anyways it combines the stories of Persona 3/4 sort of in a chibi-ish world.. no telling where this will go!
So That's it for now but I'm sure if we give it a day or two they will announce many more.

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Racy 3DS games Thus far :: Comments

Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:11 pm by Guest
is there a rule where the less perverted i act the more you have to in order to maintain balance?

also lol at hakkouki, i watched it and was like wtf is this show, thought it was action but it s really for fangirlservice
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:17 pm by dcj91x
Vortiene wrote:
is there a rule where the less perverted i act the more you have to in order to maintain balance?

also lol at hakkouki, i watched it and was like wtf is this show, thought it was action but it s really for fangirlservice
Not sure on the first part.. it does seem that way at times doesn't it... That or masteronion steps in.

On the second part.. I think it's kind of nice that they are making stuff for both sides and actually releasing it in the west. until recently you would never have even hear of Fangirl service like this at all here expecially on a nintendo system or exclusivly.

(also Since there seems to be so many of these games coming out and to keep from making multiple post I'm locking the other ones)
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:19 pm by Guest
and then you see the anime Free and you know that fangirlservice is growing rapidly
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:24 pm by dcj91x
ehh.. Anime is one thing games are another. Nintendo seems to be focusing on female games a lot more than other companies lately. Especially with the 3DS.
Oni Zelkami
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:05 pm by Oni Zelkami
I think Dcj is trying to prove he and MHWF are not the same person.
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:20 pm by Verity19
@Oni Zelkami wrote:
I think Dcj is trying to prove he and MHWF are not the same person.
Did MHWF say things to be otherwise and contradicting to what Dcj's said here somewhere else? :/

I'm surprised so many titles that are like this are in the western area, knowing how extreme some parents are about not liking this sort of thing and "risking" their children getting to it, but, well, if they're rated appropriately, the parents ought to be watching that themselves, especially if it's on a system their child has. If their kid has a 3DS, then they just have to watch the ratings on the games their kid grabs.
I think it's somewhat of a good idea to be having more games targeting adults and teens on the 3DS. Thinking about it from a more business point of view, this definitely would help sales, along with perhaps helping to lessen that annoying stereotype that 3DS's are for little kids... I've gotten quite a reaction from a girl who thought it was funny a friend and I were playing our 3DS's here at college ">.>
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:22 am by dcj91x
^ What's odd is up until recently very few if any 3DS comercials have actually featured or had children in them at all. And if you look into the library of DS games this is really nothing new, Nintendo is just working more on their localization of games all together.

As far as what Zel said, it's nothing new either. I know when to play around and when to be serious... also they all know there are just some lines I wont cross.

Verity19, you pretty much hit the point of this post though. A lot of times people here in the west look at "Adult" and older teen games the more mature games as ones like "Call of Duty", "God of War", "GTA" and so on. Usually the more violent games. The more violent ='s the more mature... That seems to be more acceptable than anything that deals with themes like the games listed above alone... here in the west anyways.

but let's not forget mature adults and older teens also play games like mario and zelda and tetris as well... so steriotyping a console is never good.. especially since a majority of xbox players are 8 year olds with bad language problems anyways. ;)
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:48 pm by Verity19
^Yeah, usually it's only those more violent, sometimes real gore filled games that end up being the "mature" games people are more accepting of... Along with these being the more mentioned games, of course, in result.
Yeah, the stereotyping is just pointless. I know I'm still into Zelda games, like a lot of people, and some Mario. I'm also pretty happy there's a Tetris game on my cell phone, so that's always fun to play every now and then. Gaming's just a way to have fun and pass some time, and age shouldn't matter (besides game rating).
I do enjoy the idea of so many xbox players being eight... The idea of that's just too funny xD
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
Post on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:33 pm by dcj91x
What most people forget is that videogames were originally made for adults and businessmen. Heck Pong wasn't even played by kids when it first came out and by the time videogames were more widely excepted as a "kids" things pong was way past it's prime... Oh pong how I loved thee... That and Tennis for two.

Also, Atlus has now announced new persona games!!!

Persona Q for the 3DS. This will be the first persona game on a non-sony system. While not as Adult themed as it's main series SMT big brother Persona adds in Dating Sim like elements and still keeps some of the sexy demons from the other series in the forms of "personas".
Re: Racy 3DS games Thus far
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Racy 3DS games Thus far

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