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 3DS Nintendo Id is finally here

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Post3DS Nintendo Id is finally here

So if anybody here has a 3DS you may have already download the newest firmware update. This update included the Nintendo Network Id function to the 3ds system which can be one from a WiiU system if you have one or a brand new one for the 3DS if you lack a WiiU. After making one you'll be region locked to the same country you currently have in the 3ds. You'll then have access to the eShop and Miiverse functions.

....However it isn't good for everybody.
For example I live in Costa Rica and I have to use the US eShop because the Latin ones in general are barren of any content. The problem of locking the 3ds region to the US means that I cannot change the region again because I lose connection the Id as it doesn't allows you to use the ID if it doesn't matches the 3ds system selected country. For me it means that it is only US for the eShop or Costa Rica for the local battles. That's for me but what about people who live in Australia or in Europe. What of the people that constantly have to move around like in the US, or around the world. It wouldn't be a problem if you could use multiple Ids as in the WiiU, but the 3ds only allows one Id at the time. It is deleting it entirely (which is bad for both 3ds and WiiU users) or not using it at all (which is really hard as Nintendo constantly pesters you to make one and you miss a lot of content, defeating the purpose of the Id in the first place)
I'm sorry but this just wasn't a good idea.
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3DS Nintendo Id is finally here :: Comments

Re: 3DS Nintendo Id is finally here
Post on Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:02 pm by dcj91x
You lost me there at the end....

First off the eshop is tied to whatever region your system is from as is all your software. Most multiplayergames will still be multiplayer regardless. and since Costa Rica is in the Central American teritory (iir) you can play with anyone from EU/NA/AUS for most onlinegames anyways.

Though I understand what you are talking about I am not sure I understand it as it deals with your situation. You say you are using the US eShop.. are you using a US 3DS as well? Please explain, I might be able to help come up with an idea or two or at the very least get a clearer underrstanding. Thanks

3DS Nintendo Id is finally here

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