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So nintendo has announced their new "rewards" system replacing club nintendo. The announcement also included the reveal of the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo has partnered with DeNA to also start making phone and tablet games. Many of which is said to work across multiple platforms to include 3ds, wiiu, nx, computers tablets and phones.

The suspected release date for the NX will likely be 2017. Mr. Iwata from Nintendo has stated very little overall about the new system and that they will releal more in 2016 or 17 closer to it's release. Iwata also stated that it will remain a dedicated gaming company as will the system still focusing on games.

Rumors about the new hardware have stated it may be a truely combined portable and home console due to the continued success of Nintendo's handhelds over its own and other home consoles.

Full bacwards compatability with WiiU is also exspected though wii games may be delicated to virtual console games as we have been seeing the trend over the last few months.

It's a pretty fair guess that the system will have a better online and internal parts that will beat not only the current wiiu in power but other current home consoles as well.
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Nintendo NX :: Comments

Re: Nintendo NX
Post on Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:14 am by Guest
That's if this is a home system at all. Could be some weird tech they build that has nothing to do with console gaming as well.
Re: Nintendo NX
Post on Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:23 am by dcj91x
Nintendo said in their statement that it would be a "dedicated gaming system". Weather it's a home console that can be portable or vice versa is another thing completely.

They did say all future "mobile" games the company will be making (all new games according to what they said no ports) will be compatable with the 3ds, wiiu, pc's, phones and the NX.. That could mean the NX will be both home and portable or it could mean nothing at all.

They could do the whole "Take the gamepad with you" idea and have a powerful home console and the GamePad/Controller be detachable and able to use 3ds/other game carts.

Though if they do that I wonder if they will be ditching the whole clam shell idea?? or 3d for that matter.

Regardless until e3 next year or the year after I don't see them saying much more about it.

I do however see them releasing the spec's for it where they didn't the wiiu just so they can say, "hey this is how powerfull the NX is, sony and micro aren't this powerful!"

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Re: Nintendo NX
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Nintendo NX

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