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 Why big game shows no longer mater.

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Why big game shows no longer mater.  Empty
PostWhy big game shows no longer mater.

I read this article a bit ago and while I may not agree with everything in it it does make a lot is sense and wanted to share it.

It mainly deals with Nintendo and Nintendo wanting to share announcements and informations with its fans on their terms and not an "events" terms.

More and more, like them or hate them, I think it's Nintendo that people exspect the most from so if they do something stupid it hurts them more then any other company and if they do something right.... Well they just did what they should have done in the first place. Or at least that's how I think a lot of people see them.

Anyways what do you all think about what's in the article? Do you think there is starting to be little point of big game shows when most companies hold their own anyways?
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Why big game shows no longer mater. :: Comments

Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:17 am by RDC
I can agree with many things in that article. I will say that E3 is no longer what it was. The reason for this is the internet. Back in the day you had to physically be there to see the conferences. Otherwise, you read about it elsewhere. Now that the general consumer can view it, the expectation has changed. E3 is for reporters and shareholders, but it's not in the eyes of the people watching at home. We are the ones who are going to buy these products. Not the shareholders. They want us to buy these products. So, we view E3 in a different light than it was intended and our expectations are often mot met. Now a successful E3 presentation is one that is the most theatrical and has the most games shown. At least to us. The problem with what Nintendo did was not really include the "hardcore gamer" (I hate that term) in their presentation. There were some games that did nod towards them, but, we already knew about most before the presentation and we are greedy and wanted more. This is probably why Nintendo's stocks dipped.

I honestly believe that if they had put up a teaser trailer of AAA games to come that no one knew about ahead of time, just a handful , their show would have been viewed differently.

I think it is great that they release info the way they do now with Nintendo Direct and I appreciate that they want to control how it is done, but I wouldn't leave E3 behind, though. It's gamers Christmas for info dumps. It's a great place to hype up upcoming games.

Perhaps they should do a closed door presentation for the shareholders and reporters and then have a Vegas style presentation for the consumer. I don't see any other way for any company to have a "successful" E3.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:36 am by dcj91x
^ Or maybe quit E3 and other Game shows all together? A lot of others have started doing that.... They may get back lash from the game industry its self but from people who play game as long as they provide information as they have been doing there might be less "backlash".

I think with E3 part of the reason we knew about all of the games nintendo showed there, for the most part, was because they do actually tell us a lot of what they are doing unlike many other companies and they do keep their fanbase involved in a vay. This is good and bad for them. It produces a higher level of game player and consumer for their product, some one with a bit more knowledge but also some one who feels a bit more entitled.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:04 pm by RDC
I think many of us like E3 or, more accurately, like what we want E3 to be. The idea of all these different companies coming to gether to show what the next year has in store for the video game industry is exciting for us. I have always looked forward to what E3 had to bring since I started paying attention to it. I will concede, though, that with the increase number of viewers the expectation of each company from the consumers to have an amazing show is much more difficult to meet now. Probably impossible.

How would we have viewed Nintendo's presentation if they had kept Pikmin 3 or many of their games they told us about ahead of time under wraps until the end? Would it have been considered a failure, as many have put it? And this goes back to the consumer's expectation of E3. Many people assumed that we would get a great deal more than Pikmin and if they were showing Pikimin, there must be something amazing up their sleeve. It was Nintendoland. I understand why they focused so much on it. It's the Wii U's Wii Sports. They wanted to show what the system could do and what the Gamepad was. How many of us would purcahse this console with that as the selling point? I siad it before, but if they had the exact presentation and added a hint of a new game that we did not know about, their presentation would have been viewed as a success.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:17 pm by dcj91x
^ Ahhh, but I think you hit the "nail on the Head" as they say. If Nintendo had kept their mouths shut and decided to not be as open about their system and games as they were and are being, throught the year, and held off everything until the big shows like E3 the way many other companies do, How different would we look at nintendos E3 showing. Everything would have been new and something we had not seen or already heard about weeks or the night before, the games would have been something we have been asking for but didn't know we were getting and lets go a bit further.... Lets say they decided to announce everything there instead of on their own grounds (not in the nintendo direct or over the 3DS swapnotes) they would have had a lot more to show us, new stuff and yes hands down they would have been the top of E3....

But, how much would we lose the rest of the year?

I will be the first to admit the I don't think many of the game companies and developers listen to those who play games, but I will also say that Gamers are a greedy lot. But as the consumer it's also part of the companies (and that includes all of them not just Nintendo) to make compromises and figure out the best way to satisfy us and not hurt themselves. But we as the consumer (as I have said before) I feel also have responsebilities.

As far as the big game shows go though.... I think this last E3 really shows they are no longer for the general public.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:54 pm by RDC
It would have to be a balancing act. You would have to hold some cards back while playing your lesser cards. It would absolutely be a bad idea to not share something, but for the sake of E3, you should IF we go by how E3 is viewed now. Gamers are greedy people. They want the newest and shiniest product now or sooner and E3 is where they expect it to be given to them. Is it fair to the companies? Not really. It makes their job a lot harder than if they were just trying to show what the system does and what was coming to it and that is what Nintendo did. They did explain how the Gamepad worked using Nintendoland as the vehicle for that. They showed games that Nintendo fans have yet to play and would help sales of the console. If you are going to attend a conference that has many eyes on it, you are going to want to cater to them to have a truly successful event. I think Nintendo did a good job of explaining how the Wii U works and how they are going to sell it, but they forgot about the internet or intentionally ignored it.

I would understand if they stopped attending E3 and chose to release info another way. I hope they don't. If they changed how it was structured had two separate presentations, one for shareholders and reporters and another for just software, they could really have had a better show. If the companies changed this than I think E3 could be for everyone. When it comes down to it, the consumers are the ones you need to please. If potential consumers don't like your show, the shareholders are going to get scared and the stock will get hurt. If we ogt excited about what we saw, I think the initial stocj dip wouldn't have happened.

Once again, I will say that this makes things harder for game companies, but as technology advances more people get to take a peek behind the curtain.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:54 pm by Guest
thought you were talking about wheel of fortune or jeopardy at first when you said "big game shows"
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:00 pm by RDC
I initially thought the same thing. Press Your Luck will always matter to me.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:25 pm by dcj91x
I was never good at any game show you didn't dress up on....... Heck I'm good with talking about Game Shows!

Never much liked them as videogames but Loved the Price is Right when I was younger...
Blair H
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:15 pm by Blair H
Oh, I thought this was about Game Shows, like TV Gameshows..
I'm in a bit of a rush and don't have time to read that article but I'm guessing it's about Nintendo at E3 not showing off their future products/games.
Come on Nintendo, it's E3! What you do at E3 could change peoples entire opinion on you!
E3 Is about showcasing your products and making people eager to buy them, at least, that's what gamers want. The Wii U demo was awesome though, it looks great and I will definitely get one!

EDIT: Sorry if this has actually nothing to do with the article, I'm just taking a stab in the dark.
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:41 am by RDC
Here's and interestin article:
Re: Why big game shows no longer mater.
Post on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:30 am by Godzilla2195
@RDC wrote:
Here's and interestin article:

Unfortunately, yes. I think a lot of gamers actually expect more.

I can't say much for the big shows, as I can't be bothered to read that wall of text you've created at this precise moment. What I can say though, is that people always expect a big-to-do around E3. What I find interesting, is that, after the show returned to the big format(It was downsized in 07-08, when most of this complaining started), it hasn't lived up to anyone's expectations. Between those two years, we all learned to just get info from the internet, but we still expect the enormous showing of new games at E3. That, I think, is the problem.

Why big game shows no longer mater.

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