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  Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS

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Post Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS

The announce just came that they will be updating (not a full remake) of the original 3 Wright games from the GBA for the 3DS. The updates will include 3D affects, control updates and some graphical changes.

The newest one was just recent;y released and here in the west we are suppose to be getting Ace Attorney vs Proffesor Layton.

Anyone planning on picking up the original trilogy as well who are fans of the series?
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Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS :: Comments

Re: Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS
Post on Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:39 pm by Yamatsu
Interested in picking this up, haven't played any of the Phoenix Wright games yet.
Re: Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS
Post on Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:23 pm by Tomderdepp
i quite like the new game, I'm definitely interested in the originals. if they get here...^^
i was actually looking for the DS versions but it seams i was quite lucky i didn't find them yet.

EDIT: though Capcom seams to put more efford into the japanese versions than in english ones.
voice acted dialouge would have been great, and it would give the characters, well, more character. also it wouldn't be that exhausting if you wouldn't be forced to read everything,
they could have at least keep the japanese voice acting (like it was in Virtue's Last Reward) it's just a lot easier to feel into the characters if you hear their voice, even if you didn't understand them. though that wouldn't be fitting because subtitleing the manga cutscenes would have been dumb...

but thats just some off topic talk that isn't really relevant here.
though it would be cool if they could add the voice-acting in the re-releases
Re: Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS
Post on Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:46 pm by dcj91x
they updated the grophics and a few other things... voice acting may be one.. but it is a gba game with a few updates not a full remake.

Ace Attorney trilogy collection 3DS

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