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PostLeague of Legends

Anyone else playing this game? Not much to say in 1st post rly as I want this to be a discussion thread kinda :P

General questions to get it started tho.
1. What summoner lvl are you?
2. Favorite champion?
3. Favorite build for this champion?
4, Least favorite champion?
5. Any epic moments happened to you?

My answers quickly then.
1. 30
2. I'm a support player by heart so Sona and Taric are my favorite characters to play.
3. For these two I either gold/10 stacking, wards and boots or just cdr + lots of AP. depending on the team I'm facing.
4. I HATE facing Mordekaiser and/or Jax.
5. Not really, been close to pentakill a few times but haven't rly had any awesome moments happen to me.

For those of you wondering what League of Legends is it is a RTS game similiar to WC3s DotA or HoN(Heroes of Newerth) that is free to play. Link to Riots site if you wish to find out more or register.
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League of Legends :: Comments

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Re: League of Legends
Post on Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:55 am by Hermz
I JUST got this game last week and havent really played it, so let me get back to you in like, 2 days. Or, just be cool, and be my friend. ^^
Re: League of Legends
Post on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:55 am by Un-Tan
I'm a EU player so can't rly join you xD
Just a few nights ago I did something awesome with Taric. I had not gotten health at all. Katarina, Jarvan and Lee Sin all went crazy to get me. Because they ignored everyone else I hardly died but our Cho'gath and Xin Zhao just ate them down and I somehow managed to land a triple kill while running for my life xD
Re: League of Legends
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League of Legends

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