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 League of Legends

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PostLeague of Legends

Anyone here play? I've been eaten by it over the past few days. (hence my slight disappearance in case anyone noticed)

It's essentially a PvP based, fantasy RTS. (Dawn of War/Command and Conquer etc) The main difference is that you only control one unit, your champion. Currently there's over 40+ champions available I believe, with new ones being added every two to three weeks.

There are also bot games, set in Beginner or Intermediate settings and two game modes. One is a standard 5v5 (with an additional 3v3 sub-mode only available for PvP) in which you aim to destroy the enemy 'nexus', essentially, their base. The other game mode is called 'Dominion', which is basically a control point game, that sees you capture and hold 5 points on the map to damage the enemy nexus from 500hp to 0.

The map (for Classic at least, I'll go onto Dominion in a sec) is split into 3 'lanes', bottom, top, and middle. Along each lane, there are two turrets or towers for each team, along with various patches of brush to conceal yourself in. Once spawned by your nexus, your minion waves will travel along the lanes and attack opposing minions and towers. As a general rule of thumb, two champs take top, two take bottom, and one in mid.

Middle is usually a cool lane, though can be pretty hard, as a lot of the team fights happen there. However, you'll more often than not see one in mid, one in top, two in bottom and one 'jungler'.

To win the game, you have to push the lanes until you reach the enemy base, (which houses a third turret for each lane) destroying the towers along the way, as they can two hit minions and 5-6 hit you at the start, and also to unlock the next tower so you can destroy it and so on.

In between the lanes is what's called the 'jungle', here at various points, neutral minions spawn who won't attack on sight. There are some characters who specialise at jungling, who instead of laning, take to the jungle and gain their gold and exp from the minions there. There are also special minions there, being the Golem, Lizard Elder, Dragon and Baron Nashor. Baron, Lizard and Golem all give buffs to the champion that finishes them, being a bonus to all stats and HP buff, attack speed and fire effect buff, and mana regeneration and ability cooldown buff respectively. The Dragon is there for lots of gold gain relatively quickly. All kinds of cool stuff. Its the jungler's role to help every lane and ensure the team makes it to late game, or to the win, whichever comes first. They do this via a process called 'ganking', turning up in a lane to force an advantage by locking down a quick 2v1 kill or something.

The map for Dominion is pretty different, instead of the enemy bases being in the top right and bottom left of the map, they are situated at the left and right side instead, and actually serve little purpose save for respawning and the shop. Instead of the three lanes, there is a circle, interspersed with 6 capture points connecting the nexus'. In the middle of the circle is the jungle again, this time with two buffs in the center (as there are no neutral minions) as well as speed shrines (giving a temporary speed buff as you pass over it) and health relics (gives you health when you nab it). This gamemode is pretty new, and is kinda underplayed. I can kinda see why though, personally I don't believe it's as good as the standard gamemode.

Once in a game, with your champion (of which there'll be a selection of free to play champions, which rotate every week or so), you notice the gold, shop, and level systems. This is another major point that separates League of Legends from other games, and unfortunately also makes being AFK even for 5 minutes fatal, and dropping out entirely impossible.

Gold is earned when you kill minions of any variety, champions, towers and inhibitors.(buildings behind a team's base tower, destroying this spawns super minions for the opposite team) While minions give you around 30 gold a piece, enemy champion kills net you about 300-400. This is then spent on items that boost your stats considerably, some even having activatable effects, such as health potions or the Rylei's Crystal Sceptre (don't worry about that...) at the shop back at base.

Levels are gained in the same way as gold, though instead of having to have hit the enemy or minions, you only have to be in the vicinity of them. This is to offset the fact that you have to land the last hit on minions or champions to obtain the gold. Predictably, you start at level 1 when you enter the game, and the level cap per game is 18. By that point you will have levelled all three of your skills to 5, and your ultimate to 3, the max levels for the abilities.

On that note, on to the abilities...

All champions have three regular abilities, obviously differing from champ to champ, and one ultimate. Ultimate skills are only available to first unlock at level 6, and is often a very good idea to max it as soon as you're able. Ultimates are usually the strongest and flashiest skills available, and so have a cooldown of anywhere from a minute to two or three; reducing in cooldown times with each level. There are cool exceptions, some champions will start with their ultimates and have different max levels for their abilities.

Completing a game, win or lose will net you summoner exp, increasing your summoner level and unlocking more summoner spells (extra spells that don't use mana or energy to use, but comes with a large cooldown cost. They are also un-level-able) It will also earn you IP, or Influence Points. You can use these to buy Runes (they boost your stats slightly, unrecommended at low levels, 20+ at least, since there are three tiers of runes, making the lower level ones obsolete) and Champions. Typically, you get about 100IP per game, and newer released champions are around 6300. So yeah, good luck getting them all without digging into your pocket and forking out for some RP, or Riot Points.

Riot Points is essentially how Riot get their money, all champions can be bought with it, newer ones for around 975, 800 points being £5 or thereabouts I think. Riot Points can also be used to buy champion skins, which every champion has about 2-4 of on average.


Damn, that's quite a wall there.

But yeah, Youtube RiotGames and watch some of their videos. The game's completely free to download and install, and... it's awesome... and fun...


TL;DR: League of Legends is a pretty unique ARTS/MOBA. Go play it. It's free.
EDIT: Or... just... this... X_X" Clicky

Also, highly relevant although a bit outdated:

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League of Legends :: Comments

Re: League of Legends
Post on Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:19 pm by Leonhardt
I've played it, its actually fun...but my computer kant run it so i stopped playing....
my fav champion is Garren....such a boss tank :D
Re: League of Legends
Post on Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:52 pm by 1bighiccup
That needs a TL;DR.
Re: League of Legends
Post on Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:54 pm by Ataraxia
lol yeah... I'll add it nao.
Re: League of Legends
Post on Tue May 15, 2012 11:53 am by Crystalis
:roll: My bad didn't even notice this topic section area thingy.

Username Mystletaynn, summoner level 30.

Main champions: Shyvana, Galio

Oh and as of Jayce patch there are 100 champions. :shock:

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Re: League of Legends
Post on Wed May 16, 2012 1:25 am by LOKI
@Ataraxia wrote:
It's essentially a PvP based, fantasy RTS.

The term you're looking for is MOBA. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

I remember playing DOTA in highschool so when my brother started playing this it didn't take me long to become a Summoner.

It is free to download and play but operates on a micro-transaction system.

It uses two types of points, Riot points (RP) and Influence points (IP).

RP are purchased and can be used to unlock all manner of things from characters to alternate skins and runes. IP are awarded to the player upon completion of a match and reflect your teams performance, with winners recieving more points.

Unless you want a new champion straight away or want alternate skins then there isn't really any reason to buy RP. You can earn enough IP to purchase whatever you like it will just take time. eg Top tier champion = 6300 IP Average IP per match win = 100-200 (Game length is a factor)

I'm excited to see what DOTA 2 will be like when it releases soon.
Oni Zelkami
Re: League of Legends
Post on Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am by Oni Zelkami
I downloaded it because some of my friends played it. When I told them this, they said that they had stopped playing LoL.
Guild Adventure
Re: League of Legends
Post on Sat May 19, 2012 10:30 pm by Guild Adventure
I play this game for about 2 years. I was one of those mother fuckers who transformed evelynn from being considered the worst champ to be mega nerfed cause cryes of people XD (and i still play her as main champ today)

I dont even know how new people get to this game XD, i mean, it have the worst community of all gaming history, but when i started to play it at least you foght lvl 1 poeple when you were lvl 1. nowadays you start a lvl 1 game and 9 o 10 players are lvl 30 with smurf accounts who keep insulting you the whole game. Im pretty sure if i started the game today i would quit tomorrow.

I made some fanarts of the game some months ago, they are on my galerry if someone wants to check

Re: League of Legends
Post on Sun May 20, 2012 5:47 am by Ataraxia
Oh wow, nice fanart!

Heh, I wrote that first post when I was still very new to the game, tempted to just delete it all and replace it with 'League of Legends appreciation thread GO!'

Yay, nay or who cares?

Last edited by Ataraxia on Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:53 am; edited 1 time in total
Re: League of Legends
Post on Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:51 pm by Gradeus
Oh, missed this.

Summoner Name: Gradeus

Main Champs:

RDPS: Miss Fortune, Varus, Tristana (learning Draven, pretty good)

Mage: Morgana, Ahri, Xerath, Viktor

Other: Nidalee, Amumu


I usually don't suck unless I'm having too much fun. XD #positiveK/D
Guild Adventure
Re: League of Legends
Post on Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:22 am by Guild Adventure
I made a new fantart for League of legends, this one is a Rule 63 version of the jungle monsters, all as girls XD
Re: League of Legends
Post on Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:53 am by Ataraxia
Ha, nice! Dat Vilemaw.

Forgot my summoner stuff:

EU West

Just updated the wall of text a bit since I'm a lot more experienced now. Also added TB's 'WTF is' video, which... essentially goes over everything I put a great deal simpler and in a more entertaining way.
Re: League of Legends
Post on Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:39 pm by Un-Tan
Summoner name: Lightmew
Server: EU west
Summoner lvl: 30


Summoner name: Aa Men Han Då
Server: EU NE
Summoner lvl: 30


I can play pretty much every champion and every role decent. The character that I am the best with are Malzahar. altho right now I never play him because on the rare occasions that I do play LoL it's when I play with a bunch of friends so I always go bot lane as the "AD carry"(but do note that I rarely actually pick a AD carry). This is a good example of how my games are most of the time.
setup we used in that game:
top lane: Rammus
jungle: Volibear
Mid: Lee Sin
Bot lane: Janna(ap carry), Tristana(support during lane phase)


So well yeah, I am not much of a "meta-gamer" and I hardly ever play ranked but if you wanna play and just have fun. I'm your guy :3
Re: League of Legends
Post on Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:29 pm by Leonhardt
too bad im not on EU servers and vice versa D:

IGN: Duke Leonhardt
Sum Lv: 30
Server: US

My main is Gangplank at top and Sona as bot but as for shits n' giggles i play AP Singed, Potion Master Garen, and Darius. Im a terrible mid and jungler but okish as an ADC but i prefer to play as a top or support.
Re: League of Legends
Post on Sat May 11, 2013 6:10 pm by Un-Tan I sense a connection here lol
Re: League of Legends
Post on Mon May 13, 2013 9:13 am by laoshanicrus
uhm....i downloaded the game to play with Ili....havent played at all though... *goes back to mh3u*
Re: League of Legends
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League of Legends

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