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 Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)

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PostYatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)

So.. It has been a while since I have actually cared about any fighting games. For the most part a lot of them (for me) have become unoriginal and repetative. Making multiple versions of the same one with the same title just sticking Super or Expolosive or some other thing on it like turbo and adding a few extra characters to make it see like your getting your moneys worth if you buy the same game again for the 50th time...

A lot of the style and button mashing to has also become a bit... commonplace and uninspiering in just about every fighting game that's put out on every system.. But that's an argument for some other time.

Not too long ago a small (of course japanease) company called Circle Edge (a 3 person team) an "Indie" game developer decided to take on the challenge of creating thier own fighting game.

The game its self does hold some resemblences to other fighting games in cluding SF3's parry mechanic, user-selectable super moves but offers other features as well that seem quite interesting.

Announcer Chatter: to illistrait what is going on during the fights (this is optional but does add to the over all game play including taunting of the players by the announcers.)

Boobs of steel: They have not actually exspanded on this yet.. but I think we can guess what it means.

Counter attack: Pretty sure this is the same in most games.

Fashionable Asymmetry: of course there will be multiple outfits for the characters.. but apparently they play some factor in the game, apparently you can mix and match different parts of each different outfit.

Katanas Are Just Better: weapons?

The Faceless: Not much known about this...

Highly Visible Ninja: Apparently there will be just some things to hit?

Ryu and Ken: Joke characters will be added as a ... tribute?? to other fighting games..

Yatagarasu (Possibly retitled "3 Legged Crow" for its Japanease meaning) will be coming to the west via the 3DS eShop as part of Nintendos bit Indie/eshop/ and localization push along with several others games this summer.

Though it may not add anything too revolutionary to the fighting Game formula.. it just seems a bit refreshing to me..

Still waiting on word about Online features and such but it has been stated that there is online , just not to what exstent.

In the mean time here are some videos:

3DS trailer

PC version:
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Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game) :: Comments

Re: Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)
Post on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:15 pm by Yamatsu
Heard about this before... Seems more or less like a 3rd strike reskin for 3DS.
Which I have no problems with, 3rd strike is awesome.
But I thought this was supposed to be out in December? Any word on a solid release date?
Re: Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)
Post on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:52 pm by dcj91x
Came out in Japan in December. Only western release date is around spring.

Re: Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)
Post on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:30 pm by Otoshimo
meh, This doesn't even look as entertaining as DOA-D is.

kinda disappointed by that
Re: Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)
Post  by Sponsored content

Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)

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